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Lynette B

Feb 17, 2018

Linda is Amazing I have a lot of back pain shoulders neck sometimes I hurt all over I often come in and say what’s hurting sometimes I don’t say anything Linda Always seems to know exactly what I need most she gives an excellent massage and she really cares about her clients


Pam Griffin    

Feb 1, 2018

face lift massage

excellent !! I get the face lift massage every 6 weeks , Linda is the best ! My whole family goes to Linda !



Jan 23, 2018

So relaxing

Linda is a wonderful therapist. I highly recommend her. I left feeling so relaxed and pain free. Looking forward to more sessions.


Lauren N

Dec 27, 2017

Excellent Massage

This is where I come to relax and it never fails. I leave feeling better than when I came in every time and I am headache free. Thanks Linda!


Melissa N

Sep 28, 2017

Linda is amazing!

I have been getting massages from Linda for several years and she does an excellent job each and every time. If you have not tried massage, please schedule an appointment with Linda. You neck, back and other body parts will thank you!


Don Esler

Sep 24, 2017


Great massage! Been going to Linda D. for awhile, and have always come out relaxed and stress free, great atmosphere!


Larry Schultz

Sep 16, 2017

Great Massage

I have back and arthritis issues. Linda's weekly massage relieves alot of stiffness and helps me to play golf and have an active lifestyle. She is always on time and pleasant to talk to.


Julie Anne Garlit

Sep 14, 2017

Plymouth Family Massage

My treat to myself is a monthly massage. It is a relaxing experience and helps to relieve aches and pains. I would highly recommend Linda for your massage therapist.


Joan M

Sep 2, 2017


Linda really knows what she is doing! Everyrone is very friendly and Linda can really help with problems and helping to relax.


Leanne S

Aug 16, 2017

Linda is amazing

Great place, peaceful and warm! Linda does an amazing job and knows what she is doing! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great massage! I always feel like I'm on a cloud when I leave.


Greta B

Jul 13, 2017

Wonderful massage!

Linda was phenomenal. I came in with severe lower back pain and she stretched and massaged my pain away. Unlike any other massage I've received, I will certainly be back!



Jul 8, 2017

Linda is excellent!

If you are serious about your massages, then I recommend you try Linda. She knows just where every tight spot is and works them out so you feel relaxed when you leave.


Larry Schultz

Jun 29, 2017

Plym.Family Massage is Great

My daughter and I have had massages with Linda for years. I have had severe back issues and her weekly massages have improved my back pain noticeably. Linda works with you to easily schedule convenient times, always gives me at least the allotted hour's time and is honest and pleasant.



May 16 , 2017

Linda has been my massage therapist for more than 10 years and she is exceptional. She learns your body and knows exactly what it needs. I would recommend her for both relaxation and working out stress.



May 15, 2017

Relaxation Massage

I've had a number of massages over the years, and this was one of the most thorough and relaxing ones I've ever had! I know I will continue to go see Linda in the future.


Pam Griffin

May 2, 2017

Facial massage and deep tissue !

Facial massage is amazing and deep tissue back is fantastic too ! We've been going to Linda for at least 8 years ! She's the best !!!!!!



Apr 14, 2017

Deep tissue massage

Linda is one of the best in the business. I am a person with severe back issues. She always helps me feel dramatically better. No one can go wrong weather you are trying to fix a problem or just want to relax and enjoy.


Judi G

Mar 25, 2017

I do not know what I would do without Linda I always feel better and what a kind person

Linda's expertise and knowledge knows what to do to make you feel better. I look forward to my appt and after feel better physically and mentally. She is a gem


Jan H

Mar 16, 2017

Back Pain Management.

I rely on Linda to help me with my lower back pain. I have a deep tissue massage every two weeks, and I am able to function without medication or injections. I don't know where I would be without Linda's expertise and skills. I would highly recommend her!



Mar 10, 2017

Deep-tissue massage

I had a 90 minute deep-tissue massage, following the recommendation of my chiropractor. As a result, the benefits of my next chiropractic visit were greatly enhanced. I highly recommend Linda at Plymouth Family Massage.


Jacqueline Burch

Feb 8, 2017

Amazing as always!

I have been seeing Linda for 5 years. I am never disappointed. I always leave feeling wonderful and stress free!


Kelly B

Feb 6, 2017


Enjoyed a wonderful massage by Linda. She helped eliminate and/or lessen discomfort I was experiencing. Would highly recommend her and I will definitely be going back.




Dec 16, 2016


Wonderful experience! clean, kind, and on time! Great professional that remembers the little details!


Linda is great. The attention she give her clients is professional and courteous. I had to rescheduled this appointment two times prior but she was nothing but polite and understanding about it. Highly recommended and a great unique facility.


Kris W

Dec 14, 2016

Feels so much better

Linda Dempsey gives a very professional, thorough, relaxing and tension busting massage. I look forward to going again!



Dec 10, 2016

Extremely helpful

Linda is very good at helping take care of areas that have been troublesome like strained lower back muscles or arthritic necks muscles. I generally ask for a whole body massage with attention to specific areas. After the massage the troublesome spots are lessened or gone.



Nov 14, 2016


After moving to the area, my husband and I had a hard time finding a good massage therapist. We finally found Linda and we will never go anywhere else again. She knows exactly where the tight muscles are and how to relax them. We both always feel amazing after our appointments.


Allison G

Nov 7, 2016


I have been going to get massages from Linda for the past 10+ years and there's a reason - no one else out there has ever treated me so well. She listens to what's bothering you and tailors your experience accordingly. She finds a way to make a deep tissue massage pleasurable. she's A++.


Amy Williams

Nov 6, 2016

Plymouth Family Massage is wonderful!

I have neck and shoulder problems from working on a computer all day. Linda is a wonderful massage therapist and she always seems to know where the knots and tight spots are (and the best way to get rid of them). I've been going to her for more than 10 years. The center is comfortable, warm, and inviting. Parking is a cinch.


Jacqueline Burch

Aug 17, 2016

Thee best massage therapist!

Linda is truly a gifted massage therapist. I have been under her massage care for over four years. Each visit is tailored to areas of tension/stress. She seems to know exactly which areas are bothering me. Every single time I leave 110% satisfied and can't wait for my next visit. Her hands never seem rushed and she works with such graceful motions. I cannot sing her praises enough!


Holly A

Aug 5, 2016

Best massage

Best massage I have ever gotten. I never go anywhere else. Linda is the best, I go there in pretty bad shape with lots of knots and tight muscles and she works her magic every time to relieve my muscles.


Melissa N

Jul 25, 2016

Linda's the best!

It had been a while since I scheduled a massage with Linda. As always, she hit all the right spots and many I didn't know I had. She is one of the best massage therapists that I have ever used and I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about getting a massage. You won't be disappointed!!


Julie Anne Garlit

Jul 18, 2016

Plymouth Family Massage Center

I have been a regular client of Plymouth Family Massage Center for more than two years. I love the quiet atmosphere and the quaintness of the older home. Linda is a great massage therapist and she offers a variety of massage techniques. I always leave feeling relaxed. She focuses on the areas of concern and offers suggestions for maintaining a feeling of wellness. I am convinced that regular massages help with your overall health. I would highly recommend Linda for your massage therapist.


Patti Calisti

Jun 23, 2016

Just amazing

That was the best massage I have had in a long time!! Great place & very professional! Thank you Linda, I will tell all my friends!!


Leanne S

Jun 7, 2016


Linda is super great, awesome massage and very profecssional! Felt super balanced and relaxed.I can't wait to go back, will definitely recommend to my clients and family:)


Bill Burg

May 22, 2016


I always get a 90 minute massage I like the extra time she takes in certain areas of concern. I've had massages through out my travels , & there's nobody better than Linda.


Jan W

May 5, 2016

Linda's massages

We have been using Linda now for about 10 years and she is wonderful. She incorporates deep healing into her work, and I would highly recommend her for your healing needs.



May 2, 2016

Plymouth Family Massage Center Review

Linda was wonderful and exactly what I needed while in Michigan for business. She had appointments available into the evening which I greatly appreciated. She kept the appointment very relaxing and made sure that the issues I came in with were addressed. I would definitely come back next time I'm in the area and I highly recommend her.


Marcie K

Apr 10, 2016

Plymouth Family Massage Review

Linda has been my "go to" professional for years. Chronic pain from an auto accident has become my constant companion. Linda has been able to use her magic to give me relief. I travel from Brighton to see her.


Michele Nagy

Feb 22, 2016

Best Ever Massage

Just want to say that Linda and Kelly are the best. My husband and I have been coming to Plymouyh Family Massage since the beginning. We wouldn't want to miss our massages! Thank you Linda and Kelly


Miles Edick

Feb 4, 2016

If you need a massage, this is THE place

I've been a client for about 5 years. I've had 3 other massage therapists, but she has been the best for my needs (sports massage). She begins the session by asking about any specific problem areas. I see her once a month, for 1 1/2 hours, which keeps me limber & pain free. Very sensitive hands gravitate to problem areas which I haven't even mentioned yet. Overall, a great experience, and her rates are much more reasonable than other so called "high end" spas in the area



Jan 17, 2016

The best

Always listens to what you want done and she'll even find problem areas that you didn't realize were bad.



Dec 23, 2015

Great Experience

I've been going to Linda for a couple of years and she has always given me a great massage! She knows just how to get rid of my aches and pains and lower my stress level. I would highly recommend Plymouth Family Massage!


Gail E

Dec 22, 2015


One of the best things I've ever done for myself is finding Linda and her wonderful massages. No other massage place can compare. She is very kind and her hands work magic. I would highly recommend Plymouth Family Massage. You won't be disappointed.


Amy W

Dec 7, 2015

Terrific Massage

I've been going to the Plymouth Family Massage Center for several years now. Linda is warm, friendly, professional and gives a terrific massage. She's always on time--yet never rushes the customer. The center is comfortable and inviting. Parking is a cinch.


Pamela Melvin

Nov 22, 2015

Great Massage

This was my first massage with Linda and it was an excellent experience. Looking forward to my next appointment.


Trude N

Nov 10, 2015

Always feel better when I leave

Linda is a great massage therapist. I have neck and back problems. Massages with her really help when I've spent too much time working on a computer. She finds the trigger points and loosens tight muscles. I always feel more relaxed afterwards.



Nov 8, 2015

Great massage therapist

You can count on Linda to provide a great massage. While the techniques she uses may vary from your last massage, the pressure is always spot on! Very relaxing.


Jeff S

Nov 1, 2015

Consistently Good

As someone who gets massages often and from different sources, i can attest that no one else is as consistent as Linda. I have been to the fanciest of resorts and day spas, but when I need a good massage, I turn to Linda!


Judi G

Oct 31, 2015


I have been going to Linda for about 10 years. She is wonderful and her massages are very therapeutic